We are thrilled to announce that Cynthia Finch, a prominent figure in New Direction Health Care Solutions, was invited to participate in the review process for Tennessee Wesleyan’s Nurses in Athens. Her invaluable contribution was specifically requested for the community portion of this significant review.

Why Cynthia Finch Matters: Cynthia brings a wealth of knowledge and commitment to community health. Her involvement in the review process reflects her dedication to shaping and enhancing the nursing landscape at Tennessee Wesleyan.

Community-Centric Focus: Cynthia’s role in the community portion emphasizes the importance of local perspectives in shaping nursing education. New Direction is proud to have a representative actively contributing to such crucial processes.

Looking Ahead: As Cynthia engages in this review, New Direction anticipates positive outcomes that will benefit both the nursing community and the wider Athens region.

Stay Connected for Updates: New Direction Health Care Solutions remains committed to fostering community involvement and supporting initiatives that uplift healthcare education. Stay connected for updates on Cynthia Finch’s involvement in transformative projects.