New Direction Health Care Solutions is excited to announce our enthusiastic support for the Tennessee Department of Health’s (TDH) Child Fatality Review Program’s competitive proposal to the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) SUID and SDY Registry funding opportunity.

We firmly believe that TDH, through its Child Fatality Review Program, will continue to play a vital role in effectively identifying and reviewing all SUID cases, ensuring active involvement from review team members, and collecting pertinent data. TDH has been a trusted leader in child fatality review, diligently reviewing all deaths of children under 18 since 1995. They have successfully translated data into action by promoting the “ABC’s of Safe Sleep” message and engaging birthing hospitals in developing and implementing safe sleep policies. Additionally, their partnerships with evidence-based home visiting and care coordination have helped educate families on safe sleep practices.

As a minority-led non-profit organization providing health care services, programs, and education to the Knoxville community, with a specific focus on people of color, New Direction Health Care Solutions is committed to participating in the Safe Sleep Collaborative’s quarterly meetings. We will leverage our network of community-based organizations and representatives within our service region to recruit individuals with lived experiences. These individuals will assist in developing and implementing prevention strategies to reduce sleep-related deaths in communities disproportionately impacted by SUID. Furthermore, we are prepared to support the implementation of new strategies and will encourage our partners to do the same.

We warmly welcome the opportunity to collaborate with the TDH Child Fatality Review Program in expanding efforts to reduce infant deaths. New Direction Health Care Solutions wholeheartedly supports and endorses the application for funding, as we collectively strive to create safer communities for our most vulnerable population—our precious infants.