Christmas In Burlington brought the entire community together in a joyous celebration of the holiday spirit. Families, friends, and neighbors joined hands to make this event truly special. New Direction Health Care Solutions was proud to participate in this event by giving COVID-19 vaccines and flu shots.


We’re proud to have collaborated with local businesses to make this event a success. Their participation brought unique offerings, adding a local flavor to the festivities. It’s in these collaborations that the true spirit of community shines.


Open Membership: Become a part of this vibrant community initiative! Membership is open to all individuals, businesses, and community organizations. By joining, you contribute to the ongoing success of events like Christmas In Burlington.


For inquiries and membership details, contact Deborah Porter at 865-415-2450.


Thank you to our sponsors, attendees, volunteers, and local businesses for making Christmas In Burlington a joyous occasion for everyone! 🌈✨